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Puzzle Pandas came to life during the 2020 quarantine. It's a simple idea of sharing the love of puzzles and kindness with others. It's a way to upcycle your puzzles and leave a fun discovery for someone who might need an unexpected pick-me-up. 

I have to give credit to the fantastic group, Book Fairies. They were the originators of this idea, but of course, sharing books instead of puzzles.

Anyone can join our mission – all you need is a pile of puzzles to give away, some official cards to stick on your puzzle box and the intent to hide puzzles around your city for others to find and enjoy.  


I'd like for Puzzle Pandas to be known in communities across the globe. With the help of the puzzling community, we're on the way to achieving that goal. 

Our worldwide scavenger hunt will rely heavily on social media to share the hidings and the findings. You'll start to find local accounts in South Florida and Cincinnati, Ohio – these areas have people devoted to sharing the puzzle love in each of their communities. More will come soon! If you're interested in starting a channel for your city, email

Happy puzzling,


The Original Puzzle Panda

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