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    Do you have a closet full of puzzles you’d like to share with others? Our cards say: “Take this free puzzle, put it together, and leave it for another to enjoy." Simply tape it to your tag to the box and leave your "puzzle treasure" at your favorite public space for another to find.

    Tag @PuzzlePandas on Instagram and Facebook to share your hiding spot for others to find.


      These cards will help spread our love of puzzles with others. You will receive 5 cards and 5 puzzle record logs for every one order you place. Hopefully you have 5 puzzles to hide for someone to find! The size is 2" x 3.5" on high quality 14 pt. gloss cover paper stock. 


      The idea is to pass on the puzzles you loved, but maybe didn't want to glue together. Let's share the puzzle love across the U.S – maybe eventually WORLDWIDE. Why not become a Puzzle Panda and share all the benefits of puzzling with people in your hometown?


      Shipping is FREE anywhere.

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